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THE FANS’ LOVE STORY: How the Movie ‘DIRTY DANCING’ Captured the Hearts of Millions!
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Just can’t get enough of Dirty Dancing?
Get behind-the-scenes information that you won’t find anywhere else. Rub elbows with Dirty Dancing producers, stars, singers, songwriters, and filmmakers as you enjoy stories, photos, and tributes related to the movie. So come have the time of your life! 
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Want to pay homage to the movie
and to Patrick Swayze?
Want to feel the power of love and
relive the magic of Dirty Dancing?

Maurice Williams, writer and performer of the iconic song "Stay." 
(Used with permission of Maurice Williams.)
The famous Mountain Lake gazebo where many key scenes were filmed—like where Baby and her father had their heart-to-heart talk and Baby had her foot stepped on by a male guest during a dance class.
Choreographer Jackie Horner at Grossinger's in 1957. 
(Courtesy of Jackie Horner.)
Patrick Swayze's Hollywood Walk of Fame star, which he received on his 45th birthday on August 18, 1997.
Jack and Betty Rollins and Tom and Patt Rocks—all extras at the Lake Lure set—go to the movie theater to see their work in Dirty Dancing.
A portion of the proceeds from the sale of this book will be donated to the 
Patrick Swayze Pancreas Cancer Research Fund at the Stanford Cancer Institute

Link to: Patrick Swayze Pancreas Cancer Research Fund

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The 2010 Original!
The Fans' Love Story:
How the Movie Dirty Dancing 
Captured the Hearts of Millions!
Interviews, photos, tributes, and more.
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6" x 9"
Paperback: 230 pages (b&w)
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The 2013 Encore!
The Fans' Love Story ENCORE:
How the Movie Dirty Dancing
Captured the Hearts of Millions!
New tributes, new photos, and new interviews!
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6" x 9"
Paperback: 190 pages
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​Also available for Nook (color)
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A large version of an autographed black-and-white headshot of Patrick Swayze.
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A silhouette of a man and woman doing the lift from Baby and Johnny's dance in Dirty Dancing.

Portrait of Sue Tabashnik the author of The Fans' Love Story.
Murray Goldenberg
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More about everything Dirty Dancing!
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Reviews of The Fans' Love Story Encore
. . . a celebratory text packed with behind-the-scenes information on the 
producers, stars, and film team. . . . 
Film history as well as general-interest collections will find this a fascinating, specific overview of not just how the movie was made, but the process whereby it was marketed to eventually reach millions of enthusiasts.
—D. Donovan,
Senior eBook ReviewerMBR
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“Wow! What a job you did. Just fabulous. Love you—love the book. Super great New Year gift! I now will cherish it and all of our memories.”
Jackie Horner,
story consultant, Dirty Dancing

To Mr. Patrick Swayze,
who is still inspiring—helping me through challenging times and motivating me to follow my dreams.
I am so grateful to have met you, to have your wonderful legacy of work to enjoy, and to have your amazing spirit—whose light shines so bright—as such an inspiration.
The Fans' Love Story ENCORE
From Sue Tabashnik's Dedication in
“Congratulations, kudos, and BRAVO. . . . We thank you for your generous pages of sharing what was a lifetime adventure for us. We love reading it and consider it to be part of our history to pass along to the generations that follow in our family. DD is still a topic of interest and fascination with folks. . . . You have certainly given voice and insight for those who can't get enough!”
—Patt Rocks, dance extra
with her husband Tom Rocks,
on the Dirty Dancing Lake Lure set
Remembering Patrick Swayze on September 14 here.
Patrick Swayze with Sue at the Complexions event of 2004.
“highly recommended”
—Midwest Book Review
“great journalism and original writing”
—Joshua Sinclair
  —Baerbel von Scheven
“great journalism and original writing”
—Joshua Sinclair
“highly recommended”
—Midwest Book Review
  —Baerbel von Scheven
Global Ebook Award Winner
Global Ebook Award Winner
Gold Medal
Global Ebook Awards
National Indie
Excellence Awards
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Remembering Patrick on what would be his 64th birthday on August 18. Patrick, you are sorely missed.
Photo courtesy of Joshua Sinclair
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